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Questions About Sabbath Rest

Several years ago a godly woman reprimanded a friend of mine for ironing on a Sunday morning. She was told, “Today is the Lord’s day, and we don’t do any work on the Lord’s day. So you shouldn’t iron on Sunday.” How would you respond to that? How does the Sabbath apply to us today since we are no longer under the Mosaic Covenant? I want to address some questions I've been asked about the Sabbath rest.  Read More

Eeyore or Piglet?

I love the Winnie the Pooh books, especially as an adult. Two of my favorite characters are Eeyore and Piglet because they show us two very different personalities that we can relate to. Eeyore always looked at life through a negative lens. Piglet was… well, just Piglet, positive and happy. Piglet would be refreshing to be around. Eeyore would have the opposite effect. This morning I was reading some Bible passages about believers refreshing other believers.

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Making Time to Rest

Guest Post by Cindy Sproles: I met Cindy at the Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference this year, and she made a huge impact in my life. She loves the Lord, has a heart for people, and knows how to encourage others. When I asked her to be a guest blogger, she graciously said yes, and I’m thrilled to be able to share her words of wisdom with you. Her newest book, New Sheets – Thirty Days to Refine

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Rest: How?

How do we rest when our lives are maxed out with to-do lists and circumstances of life, and we’re pressed from all sides? In my last post, Rest: What is That?, I shared three reasons why people don’t rest. We need rest, but we struggle with incorporating it into our busy schedules. So what’s the solution? REST. R – Reorder your priorities. Ask God to show you His priorities for you. What is most importantRead More

Rest: What is That?

Do you ever feel like a hamster running in a tread wheel? For many of us, life has become a fast-paced sprint that never stops. As I meet with women each week, I hear a recurring theme: “I need rest.” And I’m right there with them. I’m tired. I need rest, too. We have become a society that rushes through life and fills our calendars to overflowing. We’re exhausted and weary, but we don’t stop toRead More